U-G-L-Y, Chemo is my alibi.

I am NOT pretty right now. Like wow. Woof. Sort of rocking this interesting underwatery gray-green complexion with added loveliness of brownish-black undereye circles.
Any color I do have, which is never a lot to begin with, chemo definitely steals from me.
Strangely, as busted as I look right now, I'm still feeling ok.
And I am officially beyond half way through this series of treatments. So, can my pasty ass get a "hell yeah" to that?
Ok, thanks. Now if you'll pardon me... it's about 7:30pm. Totally bedtime.
Xxo, Phoebe


Anonymous said…
HELL YEAH, baby, HELL YEAH. Although you DO look like you might throw up any second now. But hey vomiting makes one feel better after, right?
You kick its stupid cancer ASS.
Good call on the "tattooed dad" and other dad; that will let those who don't know them know which one you're talking about.
Ryan... 200 projects? I only have about 11 going at any one time and can't keep track of shit. Most stuff never gets done around here. YOU make things work while working on other projects! It's pretty impressive. Love you guys!

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