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ANOTHER Trip to the Doctor

I swear.  If I ever get back to just cruising along, nice and normal, without having to go to the doctor for something every week, I will be one happy woman.  Don't get me wrong - I am thrilled to be cancer free... but damned if I am not completely and totally frustrated by all of the lingering nonsense that stupid tumor and its treatments left behind.

I AM happy to report, at least, that with very little need to dip into the butt ointment, my rear end is doing MUCH better.  All it took was no more baby wipes and no more soap.  And I am left with a much happier... everything back there.  So a big thanks to Dr. Williams.  Hooray!

Yesterday, however, I noticed that the symptoms I was having last week that I thought felt like a urinary tract infection seemed to be back - and with a vengeance.  Pain.  Nausea.  Urgency - generally with no results.  I felt horrid most of the day and this morning I decided it was time to deal with it and called up my PCP, Dr. Raj - whom I love.  They sq…

Italy Photos, Part 13

Some of my favorites from the trip coming up here... I just LOVED Tuscany.  Most of these were out the window of a moving bus, so don't judge too harshly!

Italy Photos, Part 12

And now we begin my favorite section of photos... our day trip through Tuscany!!!

Cancer Made My Marriage Even BETTER?!

Someone recently told me that while they were dealing with their cancer diagnosis, their spouse actually wanted to leave them.  Couldn't deal or whatever...

It made me sad because it also made me really GET that since my cancer diagnosis, my relationships with pretty much EVERYONE I really care about have gotten stronger, better, more awesome... especially with my husband.

I always felt that despite how different Ryan and I can be emotionally, that since the very beginning we have had a pretty spectacular relationship.  There was never any fear of him being sketchy out on tour, whereas people I dated in the past - I worried about them being sketchy while out at lunch!  We managed to figure out the importance of communication early on and almost never had a disagreement that we'd let stew for more than a few hours, tops.  And I never had any doubt, despite how Asperger-y he sometimes seemed, that he really and truly cared about me in a way that no other man ever had.  Even my …

On Not Connecting and Also, Connecting.

So.  I think I mentioned in a previous post (or maybe I didn't - I'm a little "off" in the brain category these days) that last night I was planning to attend an event down in Akron put on by - the "I'm Too Young For This" cancer organization for folks in their 20s and 30s.  A group that totally seems like it would be the group for me, right?  I was nervous about going alone, though, and so a long-time internet friend whom I seldom see in person and who lives in Akron offered to be my date for the evening.  Yay for Jessica!

Now, I don't want to outwardly slam anything, so I will try to be diplomatic about this...

First of all, the event was at "Ripper Owens Tap House".  Do you know who Ripper Owens is?  Because I didn't.  Apparently he used to be in the metal band Judas Priest.  So, basically, this place was a sad aging metal guy bar with kind of a sports bar thing going on as well.  Neither of these things is "m…

Italy Photos, Part 11

Are you getting sick of these yet?  Because we're like... maaaaaaybe halfway through them.