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Pardon My Mess...

I am working on a few layout changes to my blog right now, but because my "free" time only comes in these, like, 15 minute intervals, it might look vaguely like crap for a minute.  Remember that this probably makes me WAY crazier than you and try not to judge me too harshly until it's all fixed up.  Thanks!! Xxo, P.

Young Adult Retreat

So I just signed up for a young adult cancer retreat through The Gathering Place here in Cleveland.  I am somewhat leery of this, as the last few cancer connections I've tried to make have ended up sucking major balls.  Like this .  And also this .  But when I looked at the letter in my mail today, I pretty much immediately was like "I want to go to this."  So there it is.  I've registered.  I'm going. I hope the girl from the "also this" post above isn't also going.  Ha.  Actually, no.  That's not true.  If she is there, maybe I am meant to deal with her again.  Who knows... Point is - I'm going.  Weird.  I am going to hang out with a bunch of cancer-y young folks and I'm going alone.  Should be interesting.  I hope it goes well.  If nothing else, I have something to look forward to for a minute. Xxo, Phoebe

Stupid Target

I have a Target addiction.  I am pretty sure this is not an uncommon occurrence these days.  Everything is bright and clean.  They don't play music.  Most of their food is cheaper than anywhere else I shop.  The clearance items on the endcaps are some of the most fabulous deals I have ever found.  Even their clothes are kinda awesome.  They have slushies.  I love the pharmacy.  I love my pharmacist and the girls that work with her.  They understand than sometimes I need hangers, toilet paper, frozen peas and a bra late and are therefore open til 10pm.  One would thing that Target could do no wrong. Until today.  When Target made me cry.  Twice. I've mentioned before that a LOT of my friends have been having babies lately.  I still know more than half a dozen preggo chicas, and several fresh babies as well.  Lots of babies means lots of baby showers and baby birthday parties and baby gifts.  So, because Target is where I buy basically everything in my life, and because Targe

So Long, Funny Man.

Walked into work yesterday morning to see our general manager bent over my work table sobbing as my coworker quietly fetched her a tissue.  Didn't want to interrupt, so I slunk by to clock in and go about my biz.  All I heard, amid her muffled sniffles was, "I wasn't expecting that." Turns out what she wasn't expecting was the death, courtesy of stupid fucking cancer, of a former employee and friend of all of the Bonfoey crew.  It was a hard thing to hear.  Especially for all of them who had spent more time working with him than I did.  But hard in a different way for me.  For, you know, obvious reasons. Last time I saw Mike was, I believe, right after I finished my treatments in January.  I was in Target, picking up prescriptions and whatnot and bumped right into him in the food aisles.  He asked me how things were down at the gallery, and I explained that I had not been there in a couple months due to my health.  He told me that he had been feeling pretty aw

A Really Long Recap.

Sorry I disappeared for a minute there.  My birthday was back on July 27th, and I flew to St. Louis that day to spend a long weekend with one of my bestest friends, Daniela.  The trip was so packed full of fun, I never had time to borrow her computer and make a post.  And then I came home to marginally functioning internet service and a ridiculously stressful and busy week, so, well... you know how it is. So here's a recap.  Of mostly just life stuff... Friday, July 27th. My 37th birthday and it was awesome.  Facebook has really done wonders to make you feel loved on your birthday.  Getting all of that online love makes me feel like a little kid having a big party again.  I got amazing texts and phone calls all day, too.  So much love out there.  It really made me GET how many amazing friends I have.  I am so lucky.  My flight was not until 8:45pm, so I had to go to work and then came home and finished packing for my trip.  Since my friend Meghan lives only a couple blocks awa