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It's Been a While...

In more ways than one. I apologize for the serious lack of posts.  It's been ages and so much has happened, I have no idea how I could possibly "catch up".  And I guess it's really not important for me to do that, anyhow.  If I can get myself recommitted to keeping up with this blog, catching up will be a natural part of the game.  And getting recommitted is one of the top priorities right now.  So with that, I have some blathering to do... It's been a while.  You know.  Not just since I posted here, but since my diagnosis.  My treatment.  My treatment ending.  My trip to Italy.  My PET scan that declared me "all clear".  All of it.  It's been a while. When I realized that a year ago this past week was when my mum and I left for Italy... I realized how incredibly far I have come.  How much I've grown.  How much I've changed for the better.  How much healthier and aware and AWAKE I have become.  How much happier. But I have to admit so