One down

First chemo was so easy. No nausea. Just a lotta pee, thanks to a little syringe full of a drug called Lassix (thus named, according to my nurse, because it LASsts SIX hours).
Because Ryan is just getting over some crappy illness of his own, so he stayed home to avoid sniffling in a room full of people fighting disease. Mum was there all day, helping my foggy brain ask questions.
Sat next to Admiral Jack Hunt, who had just transferred to Moll Pavilion from St. John's Westshore, and gave him my tv since his wasn't working.
Across from me was a woman whose name I never got. She was there getting IV iron (it was BLACK) for an auto-immune disease. When I told her the Monastery of Poor Clares were praying for me, she was all impressed. So, thanks to my step-mom Mary Pat for visiting them on my behalf. They also mailed me a Green Scapular and they gave me, via MP, a Saint Peregrine medal (the patron saint of cancer patients). I'm wearing it with a wish bone charm Daniela Droke gave me years ago, stating that it reminded her of how I represent HOPE to her. And today, mum added to my chain a charm that says "love forever".
I am so loved. So blessed. So unafraid.
Last night, my friend Kristin asked if I'm really as strong as I appear to be. I can't recall my exact response, but the gist of it was positive and her reply I will carry with me forever:
"you are fucking amazing."
<3 Phoebe


hold fast. your saints are on standby. love!
jim nelson said…
I do so love you. You are (expletive deleted) amazing!
UltraDawn said…
well i agree. stupid cancer, it must be absolutely terrified! yay phoebe!
r'n'r-RN said…
yeah, the cancer is more afraid of you!
I give Lasix at work all the time. yeah, it's pee-tastic :)

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