Lovely Weekend

Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend.  With no doctor visits, there has been little to report, at least medically speaking.

But that doesn't mean that there isn't stuff to say.  So here's the latest:

Friday afternoon, I arrived at my radiation appointment to find my step-dad, Gary, waiting in the waiting room for me!  He left Colorado Wednesday morning and arrived a day earlier than I had expected.  I feel like his emotions surrounding this whole thing are different than a lot of the family because he, himself, is a three-time cancer survivor.  I know his point of view is different and he is such an emotional fella to begin with - it was definitely hard for him in a very different way than it has been for so many others.  Anyhow, there were DEFINITELY plenty of tears as we hugged in the waiting room.  But they were good ones.

Saturday, I got to feel "normal" for a while.  I had my regular Saturday date with my lovely friend, Mallorie.  She drove me around on some boring errands (take boots to the cobbler, buy dog food, etc.) but it was so beautiful and autumn-y out and I was just happy to have a day that did not revolve around cancer this or treatment that.

Today, both mum and dad (AND our friend Nora, who happened to be in town from Chicago) helped with a LOT of house-cleaning and furniture re-arranging.  Not only is the new media room coming together, but the living room got a total re-vamp and is ready and waiting for the Christmas explosion to come out of the closet!!!

It was another beautiful day, despite the wacky wind, and again, I am just so grateful for all of the wonderful people in our lives.  Thank you all for your kindness, your support, your love, your generosity and your patience.  We are some of the luckiest people alive.

Love love, Phoebe


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