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So... if you've found this you know Phoebe was diagnosed with cervical cancer on Tuesday (11/1/11). We have created this blog for two reasons... first because, since this happened, both of us have been on the phone CONSTANTLY, explaining the same thing to dozens of people. Spending time talking to friends and family is great, but if we can get all the information in one place (here) and say it once it will save us a hell of a lot of time... and we can talk about other things... like anything else. The other reason this blog exists is just for us to write about what is happening in some sort of attempt to deal with it as it comes, and hopefully after some time see how far we've come.

Incidentally, if seeing our posts elsewhere and finding this blog is the first you've heard of all this... it's not because we haven't TRIED to call everydamnbody... we have. I know we missed a lot of people! Don't feel slighted because we gave up and are doing it this way. It'll save us so much time that we need for other things... but with that said, do feel free to call either of us. Nobody died. Nobody is dying. We're here, we're OK, she is going to whip the shit out of this thing and we're all going to help. Right?

Bookmark this page... we will keep it as current as we can!!


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