Chemo 2.2

All day today there's been a lovely lady all dressed in green sitting across from me. A few minutes ago, she got my attention and told me she had had Stage III endometrial cancer, has been coming since february, lost her hair, but is ALL CLEAR! I overheard the nurse earlier telling her that her positive mindset definitely helped. So when she told me she was passing her healing energy on to me, i felt so lucky!
As we left i stopped to hold her hand briefly and thank her. She pulled one of her bracelets off and pushed it over our clasped hands onto my wrist. Said her girlfriends made them for her.
If you ever start to doubt the good in people and the world, get sick. The love out there is truly amazing!
Xxo, Phoebe


Anonymous said…
it's you, lady. YOU are amazing and everyone can tell. Always will.
Anonymous said…
Chemo is what it is...chemicals to slow and or kill Cancer Cells.Lossing my hair was a vanity check for me,but now that my hair is coming back,here is my pearl of wisdom: It's Only Hair! it doesn't change a thing,their right.A positive additude and a sense of humor is the key. Friends step up and others fade away.I have been blessed to see some of the beautiful hearts that are also my friends.
Debbie "K"

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