I continue to be amazed.

You want to know what is truly humbling?  Love.  Friendship.  Support.  Watching and/or listening to your parents cry because they love you and are worried about you and are also amazed by you.  Holding hands with a bald stranger and feeling more respect and strength and seeing more beauty in that face than you ever knew existed.  Reading card after card after email after email wishing you well and urging your forward in your fight.  Lovely and unusual gifts, be they flowers, teddy bears, jewelry, slippers, clean windows, voodoo dolls, bourbon, sacred dirt, or even the promise of a handmade scarf.  Adding a new friend to my "cancer crew" (a.k.a. "awesome club") and reading his words which have summed up, better than anything I've read or been told, EXACTLY how i feel and what I'm going through.  Cheers to you all.  I can honestly say, I now understand the definition of that word.  I am humbled.

Xxo, Phoebe


jim nelson said…
You AMAZE me everyday! Love you...dad

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