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If you get email updates or anything, I'm sorry!

Big apologies to any of my old followers who were following this blog via email updates or whatever. I decided that I was never going to return to my "The Long Ease" blog, and rather than continuing to pay for two domains, I just transferred all of those posts over here. Didn't occur to me til I finished that I lost all of the original comments I received during my HBOT... oops! Regardless, I'm back to not posting on just ONE blog again. Which I'm sure will make not reading everything I don't post on both sites a lot less time consuming for everyone. Honestly, though, I've actually been thinking a lot about this blog the past week. Partly because I am trying to just be more positive in general, but probably moreso because we are coming up on my 5 YEAR diagnosis anniversary. My Cancerversary. The magical 5 year mark where they'll let you start thinking about things like being eligible for life insurance again and whatnot. I haven't really plan