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Playing Catch Up, Part 1: The Long Ease

I know. I know. I've barely posted in a month.  And I apologize.  It's not that I haven't had thing I wanted to post about, either - it's just that time of year where finding even a MOMENT of free time is nearly impossible... let alone finding ALL the time I think I'll need to truly get to all of the things I wanted to talk about here. But I'm going to try.  I'm at the very LEAST going to get started.  And I'm going to start with art! I started typing about the things that disappointed/pissed me off about the "employee show / holiday party" at my full time day job gallery, but that's not very Positively Phoebe, is it?  And honestly... fuck it  all of the things that sucked about the whole situation.  Because one really wonderful thing came out of it. I started making art again! It's been several years since I have felt that creativity come over me.  Several years since the time when I couldn't wait to get home from work so

Three Years Ago

Three years ago today was a Wednesday.  I didn't work on Wednesdays that year.  The weather was similar to today's weather - not quite as unseasonably warm as today, but warm enough for an early December day to be raining rather than snowing.  Ryan and I got up, probably got breakfast at George's Kitchen or Dunkin' Donuts or something, and then headed downtown to procure some very special paperwork.  I don't really remember how we spent the rest of the afternoon.  What I do remember was putting on my favorite Ramones t-shirt and a headband I made that matched the oxblood Doc Marten's Ryan had bought me in the UK and driving down to our old favorite bar together in the rain.  Ryan had on a Joe Strummer t-shirt, a thrift store sport coat, and matching oxblood Docs.  We really didn't look like we were dressed any differently than we would have been on any other night at the bar. Inside we met up with a few friends.  We quietly went over to the corner of the p