5 Days

Something I've learned in the last 5 days:  I greatly prefer the word "cancer" to the word "malignant".  The latter makes me cringe.

Words and phrases I did not know existed before 5 days ago: gynocologic oncologist, radiation oncologist, PET scan, endometria, parametrium (and Joe and Ryan's new made-up term: forensic gynocologist).

Google image searches I wouldn't have thought twice about doing 5 days ago (and have been purposely avoiding doing for 5 days): cervical cancer, tumor.

Number of well wishes I've received in the last 5 days: too many to count.

Number of well wishes I've received in the past 5 day from people who really blew my mind: 2 (Thank you Alicia and Shannon...)

Something I have always known but has come into much sharper focus the past 5 days: I have the most amazing family and incredible friends in the world.  I am lucky, I am blessed, I am loved, I am supported and I would be all of those things with or without cancer.

Something I did not realize AT ALL 5 days ago: I truly am the person I have always wanted to be.

xxo, Phoebe


r'n'r-RN said…
sending love, love, and more love.
jim nelson said…
That's my girl! You are amazing, and I think you know you mean the world to me! Love you sweetheart.....dad

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