PET scan

So, I'm radioactive right now. I even have a card to surrender to homeland security in case I set off any radiation alarms at all those federal buildings and airports I visit on friday nights.
No results yet - probably not til Monday morning. But that's ok. Then if the news is bad it doesn't ruin my fun times tomorrow at the Screw Factory Open Studio event.  But it won't be bad.
Xxo, Phoebe


Cousin Karla said…
Pheoebe!!! I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all of this but you clearly have a fantastic team going along with you. Your Hudson Valley relatives are all following with lots of support and love. Enjoy the radioactivity (what would happen if you bit a spider right now???) and please keep keeping us all posted.

Anonymous said…
that's right, it won't be bad; no one you know is gonna let it. you are gonna kick its cancery ass.
Daniela said…
My fifth and sixth grade teacher, Ms. Lyon, always wrote PMA on the top corner of her blackboard. She was fierce. You are too.

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