Staying Positive

So far, it looks like Ryan has covered the major details of the "up to now" part of all this cancer nonsense.

Personally, I'm in good spirits and aside from having a touch of the cancer, I'm feeling healthier than I have in a while.  (So weird.)

With everything going on, the one-on-one notifications have been slow and difficult, but all I can say is "wow."  I knew I had an amazing family and incredible friends, but I am already completely blown away by the outpouring of love and concern.  Thank you all for that.

My plan is to kick the shit out of this stupid tumor and to stay as positive as I can while doing that.  My phenomenal husband is making that an easier task than I'd have imagined.  And my parents are nothing short of amazing.

As this whole process continues, Ryan and I will both post as much as possible to keep everyone informed.  So follow this blog.  Add it to your blog reader.  Subscribe via email.  Whatever you want to do.

And feel free to call us, text us, email us any time.  We will respond whenever we can.

Thank you all for your love, your support and for being a part of our lives.

Love, Phoebe


I love you so much Phoebe. You are amazing, and as far as I've read and heard; so is Ryan. I am very happy to see hte love, and support surround you two. So; from Denver, you've got love, love, and more love.

Though I must warn you; if that promise of a Sammy Hagar wig ever comes to fruition, I'm going to be compelled to send it a friend of Johnny Cash, or Doris Day. Or something amazing that's not too "Divine" esqe.

Love you!

(I think I may have "derp'd" out on how to use the internet. Ugh, weak. :( )
Lisa said…
Woah! Phoebe, cancer IS stupid, I hate it!!!! You are going to hand cancer it's ass. Let me know if you need anything.
Alecia Stevens said…

I don't really even know you. But you are a relative by some crazy line I may hardly be able to follow, of marriage and things using the prefix "step". But you are such a dear to have paid any attention at all to my rambling of a blog and I am so happy to see yours here - both so that we may know how you are doing - which we care about deeply - and because you and Ryan are very entertaining writers. Thank you for doing this because we would be bugging Nan and Gary incessantly if you weren't. We are very sorry for your news. But, given your attitude, it sounds as though one might be sorrier for the cancer. our love is sailing in your direction. Alecia (and Lee)
Nora Flanagan said…
"You are now following Phoebe's Stupid Cancer." So I'll get the updates, but that phrasing is pretty fantastic.

Love the both of you. I'm sure I'll see you next weekend. In the meantime, give it hell, babycakes.
Carol ShooShooShooolien said…
Hey Phoebe and Ryan!
What the fuck? Is cancer really THAT dumb? I am really sorry this is happening. But, you guys are going to kick cancer's ass. Hell, you already made the insurance company bow down and feel your wrath, cancer doesn't stand a chance. To quote Tommy's tattoo - FUCK CANCER.
I love you guys!
Jim Dustin said…
Phoebe - I only know you through your dad Jim as I went to high school with him and Nan - and I may have seen you as a toddler. You are right to stay positive and draw your energy into bravery and confidence! My wife just beat down 2 cancers in the last 20 months. Breast and colorectal (rectum). She was getting routine tests for lumpectomy breast surgery when they noticed anemia and blood count was way off. That's when they found the tumor, roughly the size of yours - and that got them really having to plan things out. We were at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, so it is huge that you're at Cleveland Clinic getting the very best care. Your system needs to know that confidence so that all your energy internalizes to fight the bad cells that have invaded. No worries that they know what to do - they know, and they will get you through this. The radiation that Ryan described will shrink the tumor. After several weeks, it will end up being like having a really bad sunburn, but it's miraculous how well it works. Then when they go in for surgery, they can get it all. My wife Linda is in remission now on both cancers. Stay brave and tough. Ryan will become your caregiver. I did not even know what that meant before our ordeal, but basically it's being that extra support for going to treatments and whatever else that needs attention while you do battle! He's already off to the races with that stuff, so you guys are as ready as you can be. Our very best thoughts and prayers will be heading your way for you and the Clinic to do your things. It can be beaten and you can do it.
Anonymous said…
Phoebe- John Elliott's daughter here, Cassi. I know your dad. Be positive and KNOW that you will beat this. Life is to be enjoyed, not endured. This is merely a bump in the road. You will beat this. God bless...
Anonymous said…
My dearest Phoebe,
Phil & I are sending you much love and support. I posted on fb, too, but we'd be delighted to drop off some dinner for you & Ryan. If you want to wait and see how you're feeling after treatment starts, that's fine but not letting you off the hook. You are one amazing woman so you just keep on bringing' it baby. Love, Heidi
jim nelson said…
Wow! Phoebe you are loved by many! Including me...daddyo
Jennette said…
Phoebe, just wanted to send a quick message to say although we don't know you all that well, you are in our thoughts/prayers! Now go kick cancer in the pants. -Jennette

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