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Silver Linings Everywhere

Oh, the bank thing. The stupid, stupid bank thing. After filling out the fraud affidavit and ordering a new debit card on Thursday, I awoke Friday morning BEYOND sick.  Decided to do the "right" thing and stay home, rather than risk further exposing my coworkers to whatever crud I've got going on.  But due to my penniless situation, I asked them to at least call me when our paychecks were written (yes, I still have to wait for an actual, physical paycheck - my job is in 1942... no direct deposit here!) so I could get the check deposited in time for it to clear Saturday, when my Verizon bill was due.  They called.  Ryan drove me to pick it up.  I made the deposit.  Worries over, right?  Pffffffffffft. Wake up this morning and check my online banking to make sure it cleared... Well, it did - but it was seriously depleted by a variety of overdraft fees and whathaveyou from charges I'd made before the charming thieves have stolen everything I had.  I went into major a

It's The Little Things

On days like today... days where: 1) Both Ryan and I seem to be half-fighting off some sort of nonsense sore throaty, achy bonesy, burny sinusy, itchy eary thing that just won't either take us down or leave us be, 2) some jerk in California steals my bank card numbers and empties my account via ATM, and 3) the little jack where I plug my charger into my cell phone BREAKS and makes it impossible to charge anymore... thus necessitating the purchase of a NEW phone that I cannot afford (and will not be delivered til Friday). It's days like this when I have to take pleasure in the little things... One of those little things making me smile right now is actually the memory of something that happened on Sunday that I wanted to share at the time, but forgot.  I was on my way to the supermarket and was merging onto I-90 West from West 150th.  It's an obnoxious merge, because you end up merging into an exit only lane for McKinley Avenue which is like 5 feet after you get on

So Much For Catch Up

Yeah. That whole multi-part catch-up idea sort of went out the window with the stress of the holidays and all  that came along with them. So, to hell with catching up. You don't really need to know every stupid detail of what I've been up to over the past couple months, right?  (I promise you, it hasn't been thrilling at all.) You know what IS thrilling, though?  At least... as far as I'M concerned?  Tomorrow. Yep.  Tomorrow I go for my next 3-month check-up with my Gynecologic Oncologist, Dr. Kebria.  This will be my 4th 3-month check-up.  You guys are good at math, right?  You know what 4 times 3 months is, right?  Yeah.  That's it.  A YEAR! Since my last post, I hit a lot of my little "anniversaries".  A year since I finished chemo on December 12th.  A year since I finished external radiation on December 14th.  AND, a year since my last brachytherapy (read: last cancer treatment EVER) on January 3rd. And now here I am.  Less than 24 hours away