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I'm back.

Positive Me, that is. For the first time in a really long time, I am feeling filled with hope, happiness, and excitement. With the help of my Christmas gift from Ryan ( a Fitbit Flex ) I am already getting back into the habit of being more active.  After really falling off the wagon with that whole thing this past year, I am thrilled to be back on track.  And I officially believe, now, what they say about exercise being the best anti-depressant there is.  Between getting back to being more active and the benefits of my Christmas gift from my folks ( a Day-Light ) I already feel all that sadness and hopelessness melting away. Another thing that helps IMMENSELY is the fact that Ryan and one of our best friends in the world, Dan, are opening a garage together.  They found a great space and are moving in starting tomorrow!  So, if you are in the Cleveland area and need your car/motorcycle/RV/probably-even-boat fixed by someone who's not going to bullshit you, Ohio City Motorsport