Nearly every morning, weather permitting, between like 5am and 7am, someone walks past our house loudly singing in a strange operatic sort of way.  This has been going no for some time now.  Strangely, however, it was not until this evening that I actually, I dunno, PROCESSED this.  And how utterly bizarre it is.  And how utterly bizarre it is that I have just sort of accepted it up to now - never letting it pique my curiosity enough to even step out of bed and lean the foot and a half over to the window to peer out the blinds and see WHAT THE HELL is going on there!  I mean, that's weird, right?
I brought this up to Ryan a moment ago.  I had to ask - does this actually happen, or have I been hallucinating/dreaming this for the past couple months?  But his reply: "Yeah.  That happens." leads me to believe that I have either just become so accepting of things making no sense in my life or my post-chemo brain is still so foggy that it just never registered.
Either way, it is weird.  And now that I am feeling more conscious of this weirdness, you can bet your ass I will be leaping toward those blinds the next time I hear this...  Hell!  I may well climb out onto the porch roof to see it if I have to!
And in unrelated weirdness news - my left eye has been twitching off and on (more on than off, unfortunately) for the better part of 3 weeks, now.  At first it was just like "so this is happening"... but now it's actually making me a little bananas.  And with the recent onset of the more noticeable neuropathy symptoms, I have to wonder if Mister Twitchy Eye is in some way related to my post-treatment side effect business.  I think I will call the doctor's office on Monday.  It's seriously getting on my nerves.  No pun intended.
And on that note, goodnight!
Xxo, Phoebe


Jim Dustin said…
The Cisplatin has a lot of goofy side effects as you know. Linda's went away completely in about 8 weeks. Hers was mostly the sensitivity to cold (freezer and ice cubes). She also got like a little stye under her eye on and off. All went away. So time will pass!
Michelle Auer said…
I always get crazy twitch eye if I am tired and try to remedy tired with coffee. Without fail. Have you been getting enough sleep?

AND we also have a crazy opera dude who walks by singing. The other day we also had random banjo playing girl walk by.

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