Italy: Day Five

This morning we got up early early early and prepared to LEAVE Italy for a few hours. Because, in case you didn't know, Vatican City is its own separate country. And STILL, my passport has not a single stamp in it. Bummed...
Regardless of that, however, the Vatican is pretty friggin amazing. Our tour guide took us through a few key spots in there. The first that felt truly noteworthy to me was The Raphael Rooms. Seeing these gorgeous frescoes, some of which I totally remembered in detail from art school, in person was surreal. Like "Am I really here?"... Totally cool. We saw some graffiti from the 1500s, too, which, much like modern day Italian graffiti, is damned unimpressive. Eventually we made our way to the Sistine Chapel. Wendy and I had lost mum in the toilets and were so preoccupied with looking for her in there that it took us several minutes to settle down and look up! And... Wow. It was just amazing. Beautiful. And mind boggling. We stayed in thee for a while before moving on through a special hallway just for private tour groups. From the private hallway (this is for YOU, Lacey!) I had the opportunity to look through a keyhole into the Pope's private apartments!!!!! Or, as I worded it when I was talking to Ryan earlier, "I looked in the Pope's keyhole". I also stuck my hand in the door crack, so essentially, I also "stuck my finger in the Pope's crack". So that was awesome...
After I violated his holiness's door-holes, we moved on to St. Peter's Basilica. This is, in case you did not know, where Michelangelo's Pieta lives. It's also the biggest church in the world. But whatever to that. PIETA!!!! My prediction of tears was right on. As we walked into the Basilica, the tour guide was leading us straight forward, but my eyes IMMEDIATELY went to the right. And there it was. The statue I have wanted to see as long as I can remember. And my eyes welled up. I tried to focus on the tour guide until she led us there, but I could not really pay attention to her. I was literally transfixed. It is SO beautiful. She finally shut up and led us over there. I elbowed my way right up to the railing, as closs to the glass that protects it as possible. (Appartently it needs protecting because 40 years ago, a crazy man named Laszlo attacked it with a hammer, claiming that he was Jesus Christ and that woman is not his mother!). During the rest of our time in the Basilica, I felt dazed. Like, I had just stared into the sun or something and everything else just looked hazy. I didn't care about anything else... Not the incredible dome, engineered by Michelangelo, nor the enormous baldaccino by Bernini. It s all beautiful, but just paled in comparison for me...
After the tour, I picked up some rosaries blessed by The Pope, and we were outta there. We grabbed lunch (best lasagna ever) and then made the hike to the Piazza Navona, then over to the Pantheon. I was sort of over churches bye this point, and was feeling exhausted and crappy, but damn that thing is still impressive! So big and old and just wow.
After all the walking, I was feeling just done. We went back to the hotel and I was sure I was in for the night. I did manage, though, to catch my beautiful husband on video chat in L.A. for a bit. Then I gathered up all my stuff and got my suitcase mostly repacked, becaus tomorrow we leave for Florence!! This is the city I am most excited about on the trip, so I wanted to be ready to go go go tomorrow morning! Wendy needed some alone time, so she struck out on her own for a walk, and when she returned, she had found the Hard Rock Cafe. Now, I know this is tragically unhip, but when confronted with the possibility of a meal that did not involve noodles, we all jumped for it. One bottle of Shiraz and a cheeseburger later, and I am feeling all kinds of better! I was still too tired, however, to join the girls on a night time trek back to Trevi Fountain to see it all lit up in the dark. They got some good photos and threw coins into the fountain and wished for my health! They are the cutest!!!
Anyhow, Roma has been amazing, but I am ready for things to get more laid back in Florence the next six days. Looking forward to it!! Buona Sera!
Xxo, Phoebe


1. So proud! Ha!
2. I look forward to your updates every day!
erin said…
maybe when you're done jetsetting you can come collect your award :)

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