Almost Italy Time!

Seems like life is getting "back to normal".  Or, you know, the "new normal" they keep talking about, anyhow.  I am feeling ridiculously busy and am beginning to reestablish a social life again!  I spent a lot of time the last few weeks helping my friend Mallorie prepare for her solo art show at William Rupnick Gallery - which finally opened last night!  It was a great show and a great time.  Lots of friends and fun.  I needed it!!!  I've also been spending an absurd amount of time preparing for the Italy trip - which is in FOUR days!  (Holy shit!!)  I'm finishing my laundry today and hoping to be packed by Tuesday so that my last day home, Wednesday, I can feel relaxed and prepared and ready to go on Thursday!!!  I cannot believe it is finally about to happen.  And I'm glad for the timing because I really think just BEING in Italy will keep my mind off of the upcoming PET scan.  I don't want to worry.  I don't even want to THINK about it...
Xxo, Phoebe


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