A Smile A Day

Today at work, my manager said something that really struck me.  She said that she read something recently that recommended you set the following goal for yourself:

Make at least one person smile every day.

How cute is that?  I like to think that I manage this without putting forth the extra effort to, but I am definitely going to make it a point to pay greater attention and make certain that I DO do this.  Every day.

I posted this on facebook today, and my friend Kristin (she of the posi+ivi+y bracelets and package full of hearts) posted this article on my page shortly thereafter.  I love it.  Smiling isn't only awesome, it's good for you, too!  Take a minute to read it.  You will smile!

You know what else made me smile today?  My work brought in a massage therapist today to give us all (if we wanted) 15 minute chair massages.  And if there were any time slots not taken after all who did want got their rubbin', we could go again.  Which I TOTALLY did.  And it was amazing and fabulous!  I had a crazy busy overwhelming day and STILL left in a great mood.  I love that they are making so much greater an effort to show us how much we really are appreciated and cared about there.  Super cool!!!

Also making me smile today?  Dinner with my beautiful husband.  I like that guy an awful lot.

You know who else I like?  YOU!

Xxo, Phoebe


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