Support Stories #1

I have been so supported and so loved through this whole ordeal.  I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am EVERY DAY for the people I have in my life.  Literally everyone I know is amazing, compassionate, beautiful and supportive.  I could spend months writing about each and every incredible person who has helped me through all of this so far.  In fact, that is something I actually WANT to do.  I've thought about it for weeks and weeks, but I was afraid that people I did not write about or didn't write about right away might feel hurt or something.  But this morning, as I was thinking this over again in the shower after another night of shitty sleep and horrid dreams, I decided "fuck it."  That is ridiculous.  No one I know is so shallow that they would feel slighted to not be one of the first "Support Stories" posted here.  This blog is about positivity and love and good stuff.  Not jealousy or insecurity.  I am pretty sure that everyone in my life is 100% aware of just how loved and appreciated they are.  And the order in which I end up writing about my family and friends will probably be completely disjointed - honestly, because my brain is completely disjointed.  So with that, I give you...

Support Story #1:

You never know how even the tiniest of gestures might affect someone.  You might do something small, fast, and easy, but when it is also heartfelt and honest in its simplicity, it can become a huge pillar of support.  Case in point.  December 11.  One chemotherapy and three external radiations to go.  I'm feeling a complete wreck. Can't wait for it all to end.  And I get a very simple text from a friend.  And it makes me smile.  Makes my day, really.
 I feel lucky to call this incredible man my friend.  To think of him as more than just a pal, but as part of our family.  I feel even luckier to know that he feels the same way about Ryan and I - that to him, too, we are not just buddies, colleagues, whathaveyou... but blood.  That is awesome.
We don't talk a lot, this friend and I.  Haven't seen him in, gosh... a couple years now, I think.  But every week or two, I get a text.  "Just checking in."  "Just thinking about you guys."  Even just a "Hello".  It never fails to completely brighten my day and usually stays with me for days to come.  I don't know why, exactly, these short little blurbs have such a warm and positive affect on me, but I am glad they do.  Maybe it is BECAUSE they are so simple, they come across as so completely genuine.  Like, this person was literally just sitting there, 2000+ miles away, thinking about me and decided to send me a smile.  I don't know, really, but I love it.
So anyhow.  Thanks, T.A., for your support.  You probably have no idea how much it means to me.

Xxo, Phoebe


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