Eight Hour Layover

So I'm an hour into an eight hour layover at JFK, and probably have another hour to go til my mum's flight gets here from Colorado. If there is wifi in this ridiculous airport, the ipad can't find it, so I'm blogging on my phone. Which is annoying.
On the one hour flight from Cleveland to here, I definitely learned that I am still very scared of flying. I know it's stupid but I get downright jittery when I'm on an airplane. (Should make the 8.5 hour trip to Rome interesting... I did pack my xanax.) I wasn't always a nervous flier though. I remember flying alone to Florida to visit my dad when I was like 5 years old. Didn't bother me. Even the flights to France and England as a teenager didn't really phase me. My fear started when I went to Hawaii in 1994. Something about that flight just spooked me and made me start feeling more nervous whenever I flew.
I honestly don't think it got any worse (or better) after 9/11, though I understand why that was a turning point for a lot of people. I never actually believe that anything will go wrong, but somehow I cannot stop the nerves.
Whatever. I shouldn't even be thinking about that part. What I SHOULD be thinking about is that this is FINALLY here! That I made it through almost a year of sickness and uncertainty, through diagnosis and treatment, and am sitting at an airport cafe waiting to fly to Rome!
Holy crap!!!
I cannot thank my mum enough for planning all of this, my dad for allowing it all to happen, my sister for deciding to join us, and Gale for, well, for being awesome!
Tonight I go to sleep on Alitalia, tomorrow I go to sleep in ITALY!!!
Xxo, Phoebe
Ps- someone in this cafe has on way too much cologne. I hope they're not on my flight...


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