Italy: Day Ten

Today was the first day we didn't really have a ton of stuff planned out when we set out. The only real plan was to hoof it down to Pizzale Michelangelo, which is on the other side of the Arno River and up a bajillion steps... Making it THE place to walk for the best view of Florence. With all this walking and stair climbing, I tell you what!! I feel muscles aching in my ass that I didn't even know were there! None of the clothes I brought fit me... I am very curious to see what I weigh when I get home, I gotta admit.
Anyhow. When we made it up to the top to the Pizzale, it was such a pretty view. There were more souvenir vendors up there, too, so we all finally gave in and bought t-shirts. I also fund a tiny statue of The Pieta - the same tiny statue that I opted not to buy at the museum because it was like €27. Pffft. Today I got it on the street for €7!! Patience pays! I also made friends with an adorable little dog up there. Every time I have seen any dog on this trip, I miss my own goofballs back home. I'm glad their Auntie Renae has been there to take care of them, though! But I definitely can't wait to give them bugs and kisses on their sweet faces when I get home! No matter how sweet, little Italian doggies at just no substitute for Zeke hugs and Lulu kisses and Sheena dances.
After the Pizzale, we went to check out the Museo Stefano Bardini. I guess our guide from yesterday recommended it to my mum while I was crashed out on the bus. I think the basic gist of the place was that some weird, rich dude salvaged a bunch of old STUFF from the Renaissance and whatnot and made a museum out of his collection. Supposedly it was very ironic and oh so hilarious the way things are displayed, all mixed up by era - renaissance sculptures on goths pillars and whatnot, but not really having paid enough attention during that part of my art education, it was much just a bunch of pretty stuff to me. Which was fine. I liked this museum more than many others, because we could take photos, so I don't really have any complaints. Aside from one: I am getting pretty tired of art. And churches. And sculptures. And history. I seriously think my next trip to Italy will not involve any time in cities. The countryside is where it's at next trip for sure!!
Though, don't get me wrong. Florence is GORGEOUS!! As cities go, it is definitely in the top 5 out of all the places I've been. I love it. Love it. Love it.
But back to the day... After the museo, we got lunch at a little place back on the right side of the river. My pizza was nowhere near as good as the pizza we got at Dante the other day, but it definitely didn't suck! Our plan after lunch was to visit Santa Croce, but when we got there, despite what out guide book said, it appeared to be closed. Jerks. At this point, I decided it was time for me to spend some time alone. I love shopping, even just window shopping, and I feel guilty making mum and Wendy wait around while I browse though the cute little shops here. So we made plans to meet up in a couple hours back at the hotel, and I was off on my own. So what did I do? Well, I immediately got lost, obviously. But not to worry. I found my way very quickly and once I had my bearings, I decided to go find Vestri Chocolate, which my friends Traci and Michael cannot stop recommending. It was a little bit of a hike, but I made it there... And I gotta say, I did not understand what the fuss was about. BUT in their defense, I think that the place, along with everywhere else in Florence, was just filled with these premade Easter chocolate thingies. I have to assume that at times when Easter is not a week or so away, this shop must be much more fabulous. But unfortunately, today it looked just like the 99cent shops and grocery stores that are all filled with these same Easter chocolates. Boo...
As I was trying to decide what to do next, my body made the decision for me. Out of nowhere, I felt completely ill. I knew I wasn't supposed to meet mum and Wendy back at the hotel for another hour and 15 minutes, but I also knew the nice man at the desk would let me into our room if they weren't back yet. So back to the hotel I went. I ended up taking almost a 3 hour nap - very unlike me! I don't know what was going on, but I did not feel right AT ALL. When I finally got back up, we decided we were going to go out to dinner - if only for something to DO! I think we are all pretty much done with Florence and ready to move on. We went back to Za Za, the restaurant with the magically delicious rosemary potatoes, and Wendy and I treated mum to dinner for once! It was fun and yummy and I'm glad we could give her a little something after all she has done putting this trip together and being forced into the role of makeshift tour guide, as I have no sense of direction!!
After dinner, Wendy and I just did a little stroll around the neighborhood, again just for something to do, before heading back to the hotel and giving up for the night. And now I'm laying in my twin bed, drinking Sangiovese out of a plastic cup, and making sure I charge up my camera batteries so that when we go BACK to Santa Croce tomorrow and hopefully find them open, I can keep taking pictures. (So far I think I've taken just under 3000. No exaggeration!)
And maybe I'll buy another scarf, too. I mean, I think I've only bought like eight so far...
Xxo, Phoebe


I was refreshing Blogger like a hawk yesterday waiting for your post. What will I do when there's no more daily Italian adventures???

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