Italy: Day Twelve, Part Two

Oh, Xanax. You are my favorite.
After spending a little while alone in the room while Wendy and mum went out for a whirl, I was feeling MUCH calmer. I took some instagram photos of our teeny tiny weird little room. I rearranged the furniture. I made it all made sense and even just doing that felt better. Mum returned first, and had procured tickets to this tour I really wanted to do called the Secret Itinerary Tour of the Doge's Palace, which is right around the corner from our hotel (not that I could find my way there on my own if I knew there was a big bag of euros just waiting there for me - this place is CONFUSING!). Then she climbed in my bed with me and showed me photos she took on their walk and I definitely calmed way down and got excited again. A few minutes later, Wendy returned and declared that she was in love with the city (and its cute boys), as well as our hotel, where she can proudly and happily touch the ceiling.
So because everyone seemed so excited and happy again, I was infected! I wiped my silly eyeballs and put my shoes on, and off we went. And all I can say is WOW! This really is a gorgeous city!!! I LOVE water, so for me, it is heavenly to just be, quite literally, surrounded by the stuff! We walked around a bit. Each of us bought adorable glass Christmas trees, which was on everyone's list of must-find souvenirs. And then we found a nice little restaurant (with an adorable waiter) and I got a pizza that beat out Florence's Dante Pizza for the best I've ever had. No question. We shared a lovely bottle of chianti and I even managed to cram a piece of THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE IN THE WORLD down my greedy throat! Finally. I have been waiting since day one for chocolate cake, take two. And this Venetian version of chocolate cake? To die for! It had ground nuts and powdered sugar and some light chocolate cake and dark chocolate ganache and some sort of vanilla graham crackery crust stuff. Holy holy. So amazing.
After dinner, we walked along the Grand Canal taking photos at sunset... Gorgeous!! And now, back at the Hotel Castello, perched in the lobby to use the wifi that only works down here, and feeling almost like we don't have enough time in Venice after all!
I know we will make the most of it, though. I am super excited and cannot wait to see all sorts of stuffs tomorrow!
So there it is. All calm. Feeling much better. And letting go (at least for now) of any worries about the impending PET scan.
Love to you all. And if you didn't check out the link I posted this morning to my friend Nora's pledge page for the American Cancer Society Walk & Roll... Check it out. Make a donation if you can. I could not REALLY afford to do it, and I did. And not just because she is skating it in my honor. But because the ACS is a good organization and Nora is a kick ass lady.
And now. I am full of some weird mix of Xanax, chianti, and chocolate cake and I probably need a really big glass of water and a good night's sleep.
Xxo, Phoebe


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