Love, Reggae, and Living to 100

Ryan left this afternoon for L.A.  Ryan hates L.A.  But with my good news this week, he was able to accept an offer to go and do sound at Cochella for legendary reggae artist, Jimmy Cliff.  Which, for all his complaints about a week and a half in L.A., is pretty damn awesome and I am excited for him (and happy for the dough he'll make doing it)!

After a trip out to Trader Joe's, though, I came home and felt lonely.  Even though we are both very independent and often spend our evenings "together" doing our own things, it's still nice to have him around.  Sure, sometimes I think I miss my tour widow days, but the truth is - Ryan being gone for sometimes months at a time... sucked.  And while cancer often drives couple apart, I feel like it really did the opposite for us.  I feel like we are a lot closer, a lot more in tune with each other, and definitely more on the same page than we've been in the past.  All of this comes together to make being apart harder.  Especially now, when we just want to be hanging out together and celebrating.

But like I told him today, we have til we're a hundred to celebrate.  Because, you know, we promised each other we'd live to be a hundred when I was first diagnosed.  And look at me, already keeping up my half of the bargain by beating stupid cancer's stupid ass!  Hehehe.

Anyhow.  I guess my point here today was just that I really love my husband.  I am so proud of the things he does (even the ones he doesn't really want to do) and I look forward to his return in 11 days.  So that we can get back to celebrating.  Until he leaves me to go to Belgium with Rancid three days later...

Xxo, Phoebe


Ask him to bring something back from Belgium for Spencer! I can't really see him hunting for trinkets for an 8 month old...but ask him anyway!

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