Italy Photos, Part 10

The candles mum and I lit for Lacey and baby Sullivan at San Marco in Florence.

Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella - 400 year old pharmacy, still selling the same products!

This is the place I went back to for the "perfume" I could not get out of my head.

Hotel. Dome. Hotel.

My sister, Wendy.  She did not break anything.

Lovely little block across from Pitti Palace.

I missed my pups while I was away.  This guy made me homesick.

There weren't many flowers blooming yet at Boboli Gardens, but these were nice...

Everything is just so damn quaint!

Even the sewer drain things are precious!

I am not big on grottoes.  But there are definitely plenty of them over there.

This one at least had some rad frescoes in it.

Even the walkways were beautiful in areas of the Boboli Gardens.

...and I was so thirsty, too.  

CRAZY trees.

There were all these white flowers on this one hillside, and then these two lil' guys!


Pitti Palace.

Amazing wall.  So much texture.

Tiny flowers.  Even tinier spiderweb.


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