Italy Photos, Part 5

More awesome graffiti (same artist as the Coliseum/Pagoda)

Sweet bike in an alley

Ceiling of... shit... some church, probably

Creepy GLASS EYES in a sculpture at The Vatican

The Vatican added tacky plaster fig leaves to cover naughty willies back in the day

I just liked this because I'm a Leo, my initials are P.M. and 13 is a good number

Vatican ceiling


Sweet little statue

Ceiling in one of the Raphael Rooms

Graffiti from the 1500s!!

More Raphael Rooms

More Raphael Rooms

More Raphael Rooms

Another Raphael fresco - this was one of my favorite pieces back in art school

More from the same piece...

And more... (the guy looking out at us IS Raphael)

And more (dude in the boots in Michelangelo)

Just inside St. Peter's Basilica.  It's the world's largest church.  It's hard to grasp how big everything is, so our tour guide pointed out that those letters up there are something absurd like 15 feet tall or something!!!


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