Italy Photos, Part 9

This is the start of my pictures from the Florence leg of our voyage.  Excluding the day trip through Tuscany, Florence was my favorite city we stayed in.  It was just beautiful.

Saw this all over Florence.  Liked it.

The skies were an unholy blue.

Beautiful place facing the Arno River.

One hell of a rooftop deck.

The River Arno!! (Ponte Vecchio in the distance.)

Awesome building.  Just some apartments, I think.


Just incredible...

We could kind of see the Campanile from our hotel room window.  Barely.

So much beauty.

Pietre Dure.  That's a (FLAT!!) tabletop.  All individually cut pieces of semi-precious stone.  Incredible!!

This reminded me of Ryan...

I dream of a yellow house...

Bicycle buddy!

Lots of old bikes with chain covers on them.  The ladies there ride in skirts!

Great little storefront.

Fiat! Hi!  You're cute!

Like I said before... not a bad door in all of Italy.

Nor a bad lamp post...

Apollo & Daphne fountain.  Not quite as good as the one at Borghese...

Still SO MANY more to come...


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