Italy Photos, Part 2

Love the colors. Love the flowers in the windows.

Sunlight through poufy trees.

Random beautiful art on the sides of random buildings.

There is not a bad doorway in all of Italy.


This white church was an awesome contrast.

Statues everywhere.

Trevi Fountain.

Now sure why, but I LOVED this...

Little girl playing in the fountain at the end of our block in Rome.

Rome hotel room.

Baggu backpack was perfect - made it easy for mum not to lose me!

Light fixture in our hotel room. Gorgeous.

Some guy and his cross.

Adorable little produce shop.

LOVE shutters.

So much amazing color and detail on every building.

The moustache on this statue is 15 feet across. So you get how huge this whole  monument was.

Bits of the Roman Forum.

I love their streetlights.

And their statues.

I forget what that round place was called.  Love the bridge, though.


Stripey curtains blowing in the breeze.

Smallest church in Rome. Seriously.


Rocko said…
these photos are so magnificent! seriously! they have such great elements - well composed and professional so they look like they came out of the best travelogue guide anywhere, and also have your personal touch and reflection of your eye. I am enjoying them immensely also because of my own obsession with architecture, religion, lines and corners and arcs and other shapes I am obsessive compulsive about. fantastic and beautiful!

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