Did you miss me?

Yeah.  I disappeared for a couple days after I got home from Italy.  Sorry, loves.  Getting home took just about 24 hours between hotel check out, boat to the airport, waiting around Marco Polo airport for our flight, crossing the ocean, going through customs at JFK, suffering through a 5 hour layover, flying another 2 hours home (after the plane seemed to drive halfway to Jersey before actually taking off), collecting my luggage, and getting home and fed by my lovely husband before passing smooth out and sleeping 9 straight hours.

I spent the weekend seeing friends and grocery shopping and whatnot before finally returning to work today.

Boy was that rough!  I do a lot of the organizational stuff at my place of employment, so I literally spent ALL DAY today going over paperwork and calendars and didn't even get close to doing any actual framing.  And it's flippin' SWAMPED down there.  Holy crap!  I mean, that's awesome and all, but yikes.  This week alone we have piles of work due, and I will be out tomorrow for my PET scan and half of Thursday to get the results at my appointment with my oncologist.  Gahhhhh...

But yeah.  PET scan.  Anybody nervous as hell about all of that?  Yeah, that'd be me.  And Ryan.  Probably more Ryan then me, honestly, but still.  It's not like I'm not pretty much having a panic attack thinking about it.

The funny thing is, it's less a fear that the cancer maybe isn't gone or that it's spread, and more a fear of just the unknown.  If something IS wrong - what will it be?  And what will it mean?  And what will be next?  Will the awful side effects still plaguing me ever go away?  Will I need surgery?  Will I need more treatment?  WHAT IS NEXT?!

Anyhow, cross your fingers tomorrow.  My appointment is at 9:30am and I have no memory of how long the procedure lasts.  But what I DO remember is that I will be radioactive afterwards again.  So no airports or federal buildings for me...

Xxo, Phoebe


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