Italy Photos, Part 1

It is taking forever to go through all of my 3794 (!!!) photos from Italy to weed out the few good ones to share, so I decided that if I get about 20 up at a time, I'd be doing alright...  So here are the first 20.  Enjoy!

Even our window was beautiful in Rome

My pretty mum

Awesome ironwork

These were strange and common

My next house will have shutters

Love the scrolly bits

The colors!!!

This lady had a REAL wreath on her arm - VERY high up.

The strange sticker graffiti on their street signs I just loved

Fabulous glasses shop sign

This lady makes me want religion in my life

Fountain by Bernini


The random buildings are as gorgeous as the churches & monuments

Streetlights on wires

The Coliseum!

Sweet stencil near the Coliseum

More funny sign stickers

Rooftop garden

The Italians cut all the leaves off their trees! Seriously! Odd.

Stay tuned. More to come...

Xxo, Phoebe


Yeah! My void is filled! It sounds personal but it's really not!

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