Thank Yous

Just a quick note here...

I sent out a few Thank You notes to folks that sent me donations (or soup or something) the other day.  What I realized AFTER I sent them was that I did not really fully explain them...

Each note has a small print of my most recent art piece in it.  A piece that I made SPECIFICALLY as a thank you to you all for wishing me well.  So yeah.  That's what that is.  If you open your mail and are like "Why the hell am I getting this weird-ass little print of some weird-ass collage?"  That's why.  Because you are awesome and I have chemo/menopause brain and forgot to tell you.

Love love love, Phoebe

PS - Also, if you are Gary Sindall, you are the only donation-sender whose address I didn't get and whose email seems to go nowhere.  Please send me your address?


I got mine yesterday. Woot woot!
Mum said…
Hurry up and get to Colorado!! Can't wait to see it <3

Love, Mum
Mum said…
Love the thanks! And love your creativity, as always. And love you!!! Mum
Anonymous said…
We LOVED our thank you; completely unnecessary and unexpected but wonderful!
Your posts continue to make me feel better about just about everything.
May all good things come for you and Ryan from now on.
Alexa's Angels said…

We received your artsy letter of thanks and awesome print - and loved that you have re-named your blog to PositivelyPhoebe!

Thank you for taking the time and for sharing your creativity and art with us... you are now a part of our Gratitudes wall here at Angel Headquarters.

Keep going, and celebrating life!
♥ From all the Angels at Alexa's Angels

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