Italy Photos, Part 15

I still prefer the line-stealing guy, but this is pretty good, too.

And I have NO idea what is going on here.

Ivy.  I like the stuff... when it's not on my house.

View on the way up to Pizzale Michelangelo.

Loved this little guy.  We made friends fast!

Florence & the Duomo from Pizzale Michelangelo.  Stunner.

One of the two Florentine David replicas that you ARE allowed to photograph.

Somehow an empty wine bottle laying on the sidewalk looks so much less trashy than a beer can.

I guess I wasn't the only Clevelander in Florence that day?

Mmm.  Shutters.  Love 'em.

Yet another excellent door.

And another.

Hello to you my only love.

This was across from the piece above. 

Even the dumpier buildings were beautiful.

Adored this balloon graffiti.


Michelle Auer said…
Love the balloon too!

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