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Usually, when someone posts a quote in a blog, it's by some famous person.  Well, this guy may not be famous to YOU... but to me, he is legendary.  I don't think a man ever lived who was as admired as John Elliott was by my father.  His friend.  His mentor.  His father figure.  I only met him once, and I will never forget it.  And yesterday, when my dad (tattoo dad, that is) called me up for a chat during my lunch break, he said it to me again.  And it reminded me not just of how many times I have heard my dad say it, but how many times I have thought it myself.  It's simple and it's something we all need to remember...

"Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured."

Keep this in mind, my friends.  It's amazing how much this little phrase popping into your head can turn your day around.  Thank you, John Elliott.  You live on in the love and inspiration you gave to those you left behind.

Xxo, Phoebe


jim nelson said…
I am glad WE can carry on his legacy.
Love you lots...tat dad

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