Side Effects, Mid-May Edition

Honestly, a lot of them have disappeared.  Which is awesome.  My butt seems to be doing loads better, which was one of my major pains since the treatments ended.  I still have radiation burns around my front and back, but they are at least starting to fade like a tan in the fall, finally.  Hot flashes are mostly under control with my hormone replacement pills.  My skin and hair seem to be headed back to normal.  A lot of the things that were bothering be have settled way down, which makes me so happy.

The worst thing right now? Neuropathy!  Ughhh.  Lately, I wake up every morning and my hands just HURT!! It is a strange pain that is hard to describe, as it is unlike any other hand-pain I have had before.  Over the first hour I am awake, it goes from a sharp, stabby, almost prickly pain to a dull ache accompanied by horrible itchies.  Usually by the time I head off to work, though, it has subsided.  It is completely bizarre and I hate it.  But if this is the worst of my problems right now, then I hardly feel like it is worth complaining about.  I just run them under the faucet for a while and rub them a lot and otherwise suck it up until it goes away each day.

As for the rest?  Honestly, there isn't much worth mentioning.  I feel, on the whole, fantastic!  As we move further and further into healthier eating habits, I find myself looking better, feeling better, and having a much more positive outlook about the future.

I plan on writing more, perhaps later today, about the food thing.  But for now my miserable hands and I gotta go!

Xxo, Phoebe


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