Do People Still Say "Vegas, Baby, VEGAS!"?

Cause that's what I feel like saying!  In just about 7 hours, we are taking off for our trip to Las Vegas.  Ryan will be working Punk Rock Bowling and I will be having nothing but fun AT Punk Rock Bowling, and just futzing around in Vegas.  There will be poolside lounging and shopping with my friend Spike.  There will be long overdue drinks with my friend Stack Rink, who lives in Vegas.  There will be celebrating.  There will be fun fun times with my wonderful husband.  (I MAY even succeed in my attempts to convince him to go to the jousting thing at Excalibur!)

Now I need to go pack and get ready for an awesome long weekend!

Xxo, Phoebe

PS - HUGE thanks to brother-in-law, Evan. for house & dog sitting.  You rule!


I LOVE THE JOUSTING!!!! Have fun for me! But mostly for YOU! DON'T FORGET A POSTCARD!
mizzjoz said…
Have a ridiculawesome trip! Go to Downtown Las Vegas to see the light show at night and try the Zipline. It's a blast!

Got my Thank You note. Love it!

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