Raw Milk and Going Paleo

I think I mentioned in a previous post that Ryan and I are planning on joining a herdshare so that we can legally have access to raw milk.  What this means is we basically pay for a portion of the care of a cow and in return we get milk, butter, etc. straight fro the farm.  I am SUPER excited about this.

It's all pretty much part of following something that seems to be sort of a trend right now... the Paleo diet.  Not "diet" in the Atkins/South Beach/Zone/Etc. way... just "diet" as in "what you eat".  I bought a Paleo cookbook and am looking forward to making this a serious part of our lives.

I don't want to go all Kris Carr here, though.  I mean, I LOVED "Crazy Sexy Cancer" but when girl started squirting wheat grass juice up her ass, I kinda lost a little bit of my interest, you know?  I mean, as with anything, I enjoy learning about good things from other people, but when it goes BEYOND a certain point to where it's not just a lifestyle but an OBSESSION or a militant, annoying talking point, you lose me.  And Kris lost me with her dietary madness.  As do pretty much ALL overly preachy vegans.  So I promise, I am NOT going to get all goofball with the Paleo thing.  I am just interested in being healthy... and if I learn things along the way that are worth sharing, I will share.  But I do not expect everyone (or ANYONE, really) to take up any of MY new habits.  Because they're mine.  But I AM excited about getting healthy.

And I am excited about getting thinner.  I'm no size six or nothin - probably never will be - but I am definitely skinnier than I've been in YEARS.  I bought my first bathing suit in close to a decade today.  And it doesn't have a skirt.  This is a big deal for me.

I love feeling this good.  I love my mini trampoline and my gazelle and my obnoxious workout videos.  And my raw milk and cheese and antibiotic-free meat and eggs and probiotics and all that good stuff.  And I love Dr. Caputo of Great Lakes Natural Medicine for pointing us in the right direction over and over!  If you are looking for someone, I wholeheartedly recommend checking her out.  She's right here in Lakewood and she is awesome.

Xxo, Phoebe


Michelle Auer said…
Yesterday I bought a Yonana from Amazon. It is this thing that basically turns frozen bananas into soft serve ice cream. I'm looking forward to trying it out this weekend and seeing if it can help replace my need for Ice Cream with a much healthier alternative. I'll let you know if it works! It might be a cool alternative that fits right into this new diet!
jessica cg said…
Ya know, I ended up doing Paleo for health reasons and was stunned at how effortlessly the weight came off...and off...and off. I had to buy new pants like every two weeks. Totally thought I'd end up a size six...then a four...finally leveled out between 0/2. After 10+ years of being a 10-12. And I feel awesome. I totally proselytize Paleo like nothing else.

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