Warning. This Post Is About Poo.

File Under: Things I Never Thought I'd Do.

Trying to regain my health post-treatment has been an ongoing adventure and education.  I'd reading books, magazines, web articles, blogs, watching videos.  Learning.  Learning about nutrition.  Foods.  Supplements.  Exercise.  Skin care.  Menopause.  Vitamins.  Hormones.  Alkalinity.  And so on. I've learned that despite the fact that I already drink a lot of water (60 to 80 ounces a day), I should actually be drinking more like 90+ ounces a day based on my body.  I've learned that you can't juice spinach or kale without lightly cooking it in real butter or coconut oil first if you expect to get any benefit from it because your body needs those fats to absorb and make use of what's left (interesting info, no, raw food nerds?).  I've learned that dry brushing your skin with a natural brush every day can get rid of icky toxins - your skin is your largest organ, after all.  And I've learned that we are all walking around with 10-15 POUNDS of nasty impacted garbage in our colons.  Um, EW!
Anyhow, once the diarrhea from the radiation wore off, I went straight back to being constipated all the time.  No amount of Colace or Smooth Move Tea was really helping.  I was complaining about this to a friend on Friday, and she said a friend of hers who suffered for YEARS from constipation due to the medications she takes had gone to have Colon Hydrotherapy done - and after the series of sessions, she's been constipation-free for months!  Well, in all my reading and learning, I have also consistently come across information about the benefits of these procedures.  So...
As I said above - things I never thought I'd do.  Colon hydrotherapy.  Colon irrigation.  Colonic.  Enema.  Call it what you will.  But today, I went for my first session of having SIXTEEN GALLONS of water pumped up my keister to start flushing out all the gnarly, toxic nonsense left up there for all the years I mistreated my body with fast food and bullshit.  (Not to mention all of the destruction the chemo and radiation did to my poor guts.)  I'm already taking probiotics to try to repair some of that damage, but this really is supposed to be the goods!  Prior to my first session today, I also had an Endermologie massage, which was AWESOME!  Not only does it help loosen up the yuck in there, but it also helps make cellulite go away!  Added bonus.  And speaking of added bonuses... I weighed 3 POUNDS less when I got home from this thing today than I did this morning.  Three pounds of nasty garbage cleaned out of my guts.  Kind of amazing.  I feel great and have my second session tomorrow morning, then four more to be scheduled over the rest of the week.  Crazy.
Who is this health conscious person I am turning into?  I also went and bought a rebounder (read: mini trampoline) today.  Because bouncing is good for circulating your lymph.  Which is good stuff.  (I got that recommendation from Kris Carr's documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer, which I watched last night and was really blown away by.  Her books are so inspiring and her film just made me love her more!  And also made my buy a bouncer.  And get a colonic.)
If beating cancer, getting and STAYING healthy are my new religion, then Kris Carr is my guru!  (Although I'll never go vegetarian - sorry Kris - but I AM eating more veggies every day that I feel better.)

Love love and TMI,


Carol said…
Hey Phoebe!
Do you have any links to good info about juicing? I got a juicer a couple of weeks ago and love it. I didn't see anything about needing fat to get the good stuff out of kale, etc. I'm really trying to do more green juices than fruit juices, so if I need to do something differently, I want to know.
Thanks lady!

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