Taking the Good with the Bad.

Overall, our night away at Mohican was nice.  The entire lodge was almost deserted.  Like, seriously, I think there may have been 2 other people staying there.  We arrived about an hour before sunset, so we didn't get to see TOO much before giving up and going to get dinner (in the EMPTY lodge restaurant... where they managed to charge my credit card THREE TIMES for the meal - I am still fighting with them).  After a mediocre overpriced (even at just ONE swipe of the card) dinner and dessert, we just went back to our room to be overwhelmed by the hundreds of channels available on their satellite tv.

What happened after that, I will not go into detail about - although I am sure you can imagine... Suffice it to say that it was the first time in nearly a year that this thing happened.  Between the bleeding leading up to the diagnosis and the discomfort of the treatments that followed it, well, I hadn't been feeling too sexy.  Since this has, however, been a tell-all situation overall, and because it is my sincere hope that maybe someday this blog will help someone else going through similar issues, I will share this: OUCH!!!  It was painful.  More painful than the awkward first time all those years ago.  The doctors have told us that it is important to try to be regularly sexually active because the vagina can get narrower and shorter from the treatments.  So, I guess we just have to keep knockin' boots.  And hopefully the bad feelings will bugger off and the good ones will return.

And while we're talking about things buggering off, I am going to momentarily digress and go back to a previous post topic: my defunct ovaries.  At first it was going to be a hormone replacement therapy patch that I was going to have to use to deal with all of that.  But with what my insurance would cover, the price ended up being more than I could afford on a monthly basis - like $70 bucks.  I'm already spending $35 a month on other meds - I definitely do not make enough money to be shelling out over a hundred bones a month on pharmaceuticals.  My awesome pharmacist and my awesome nurse practitioner went back and forth at least a half dozen times, trying to figure out something I could afford.  But my insurance won't cover the pills they'd use instead of the patch, and only one of those pills comes in an affordable $4 generic - the other would be about $100 a month.  Seriously?  Do not be poor and sick in America.  This is what I am learning here.  Incredible.  Supposedly I will hear back from the pharmacist tomorrow if they come up with a solution.  In the mean time - hot flashes are bullshit!

Now back to Mohican.  The rest of our stay was nice, but uneventful.  The bed there left Ryan and I both with horribly sore backs.  The shampoo there, I completely fell in love with and cannot find anywhere online.  Meanwhile Ryan hated it.  We have sure different hair, despite having about the same amount of the stuff.  Breakfast was even less impressive than dinner (but was included in our package price, so no one got to triple-charge me for it), though we did see a beautiful bald eagle circling above the lake while we were eating.  We checked out, drove around the park for a bit just to see what we could see, and then shot over to Shelby, Ohio to visit Ryan's precious grandpa.  He showed us lots of wonderful old photos while we were there and both the visit itself and the photos reminded us once again just how important family is and further solidified our commitment to making a much greater effort to spend time with family whenever possible.  And since it WAS possible today, we also swung by to see Ryan's aunt and uncle - who live in the same town - and as luck would have it their other sister was visiting them as well.  So we got even a little extra family today.

All in all, it was a very nice little trip.  Getting away from the house, the phone, all of it - it was fantastic.  And the positives far outweighed the negatives.  I am entirely grateful.

Lots o' Love,


Gary/Dad said…
Jess A. said…
most drug companies have patient assistance programs that will allow you to get your needed meds for free--that's the only way i can get my antidepressant, because my insurance doesn't cover that specific pill. check out needymeds.org , or search google by name of the drug and patient assistance. good luck!
Mum said…
First thanks for changing the blog so I can now comment! It worked! Second, I just sent you a similar email to Jessica's above about drug assistance programs. Third, I am so happy to see you and Ryan playing and being with each other and family. Finally, remember that each day will be a new discovery for you in this journey. If you keep that positive attitude and let the bad parts just be, your life will SHINE. I love you! Mum

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