I Made It!

Not quite a full day, but I did come damn close to 7 hours before it was time to call it quits today at work!  And it was great to be back!  Everyone seemed happy to see me.  My coworkers did an amazing job of getting my crap done on top of their own crazy workloads.  I felt good.  I didn't get too tired.  It was a definite win!  All of my worrying yesterday was for nothing.  Though I kinda have a feeling that that is going to be a common theme in my life from here on out.


Today going well has me feeling empowered!  I am going to try to get some filing done here at home that I've been avoiding for, oh, years...  And then I'm going to ride my stationary bike and watch Law & Order S.V.U. and drink a gallon of our delicious new water and go to bed.

Love love, Phoebe


Gary/Dad said…
Good for you!!!
M said…
Yay Phoebe Phoebe! I'm so glad you had an awesome first day back to work. :) xo!
Colie said…
I just found your blog and have been on here for like an hour. You're so inspiring!
phoebe marie said…
Aw, wow! Thank you so much, Colie! <3
xxo, Phoebe

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