Just Breathe.

This evening, I went to my very first guided meditation class.  I was inspired to give it a try both from something I read in Kris Carr's book "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips" as well the fact that the teacher is a dear friend and someone I deeply love and respect.  I knew I'd be comfortable with her, so I figured "Why not?".

It was HARD, but I think I did eventually get to a good place.  My brain was still all over the place.  I'd get caught up on the fact that this guy's loud breathing was irritating or the incense was stinky or even just the fact that my thoughts were skipping around in such a random way.

But overall - I really liked it.  I can see myself going back.  It's only twice a month.  I can swing that.  If it makes me feel better, it is totally worth it.  And right now, I do feel better.

Namaste and stuff,


ultraDawn said…
um, if you start smelling of patchouli, wearing hippie skirts and birkenstocks is the next step. i mean, we'll all love you anyway, i'm just sayin be careful out there! the guide i used to have got me concentrating on counting backwards from fourteen hundred- i could usually get to thirteen hundred or so before i woke myself up snoring.

namaste your own self, the light that is me greets the light that is you. and stuff.

love the shirt design too! i hope your dad's friend will let it go to public domain- we all know someone who would look awesome sporting that design. Not as awesome as you, but still. I hope you are as confident as me that you WIN, you beat stupid fucking cancer!

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