My (tattooed) dad's friend, Jim, has been following this blog since my dad first posted about it.  Today, via my dad, he sent me a design he created for me.  I am going to ask my friend Renae (who does screen printing) to make me a t-shirt or two with this graphic... just as soon as I know for sure that I beat the stupid f*cking cancer!

I hope he doesn't mind me posting the graphic here.  I just love it and wanted to share:

Thanks, Jim!  For this and for all of your kind words and support.

Xxo, Phoebe


jim nelson said…
Jim Dustin at Art City created this logo. Thanks, Jim. Great job!
Jim Dustin said…
You are so very welcome Phoebe and family. I will also propose an alternate design or for different participants, changing the first line to... I hate SFC and/or I help beat SFC. We might need a vote. Phoebe you are welcome to market and sell these as you see fit with proceeds going toward your insurance fund. Renae can suggest some different colors and she does not have to print them, I can photoshop some mock ups if it will help. The model above was a swipe from the internet without permission so maybe we replace her with something more generic when you get a chance :)
Mary said…
What great design & creative gesture of generosity! Phoebe I continue to pray for you each day. You are a women with unending courage!
Gale said…
Jim Dustin, you never cease to amaze me. Awesome design, and everyone recognizes your compassion and passion. You rock!

Nora Flanagan said…
That is fan-fucking-tastic.
Anonymous said…
Still the designer extraordinaire; you are as amazing as Phoebe.

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