What The FUCK??!

I've been a trendsetter as long as I can remember.  Always a little ahead of the game in music, fashion, whathaveyou.  That sounds self-important, but it's not.  It's just who I was.

But seriously, people?  I was not trying to be cool by getting cancer.  So all of you... STOP IT!!!


Yeah.  I know I'm trying to be silly here.  But the fact of the matter is, it seems like cancer is just everywhere all of a sudden.  I keep reiterating that I can't tell if I'm just hyper-sensitive to it now that it happened to me or if it really is suddenly everywhere.  But I think it's just getting more fucking common.  And that is some scary shit.

We lost Brother Ed.  Ryan's friend P.J. is in hospice right now.  And we just learned that today, our good friend Big Jay is having surgery to see how badly his cancer has spread.

It breaks my heart.  Big Jay.

Please.  I've asked this before regarding myself and others and I'll ask it again.  Keep him in your prayers.  In your thoughts.  Shower him with positive energy and good vibes.  Whatever you've got.  If you don't know Big Jay... Jazzy... Jay Bastard... know that he's someone you'd love if you did.

Fuck cancer.  God damn it.

Me & Jay. Last time he was in town he took Ryan and I to Hyde Park. He ate the whole menu.


Caitlin said…
I agree. I have been a bit disturbed by how many people you are reporting to have cancer. And you are YOUNGER than I. It just doesn't sit well. Hang in there sister....or cousin rather.

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