The Hike

I'm so behind at posting about the things I want to post about here.  I mean, I guess being insanely busy is a GOOD thing, but I would like to stay a LITTLE more up to date here.

But whatever.  This post isn't about that.  It's about the hike I went on 10 days ago with my friend, Rhiannon.  We are both Instagram addicts and after enjoying my Cancer Retreat hike so much, I kept noticing hiking pics in Rhianon's feed.  So I basically told her to please invite me hiking with her sometime - and she actually did!  We pretty much made an immediate date for that coming Sunday.

When said Sunday rolled around, it was rainy out, but we were not deterred.  I used to live in Seattle, for god's sake.  A little rain wasn't going to stop ME!  I picked her up and we headed down to North Chagrin Rsesrvation - part of the amazing Cleveland Metroparks System.  We really are lucky here in Cleveland to have such an incredible parks system.  I'm glad to FINALLY be one of the not-nearly-enough people taking advantage of it!

Rhiannon had a sweet little hiking book, and we followed a route out of that instead of just ONE of the specific trails on the North Chagrin trail map.  It ended up being around 6 miles.  It rained the entire time.  And it was AWESOME!!!!  We both felt like the rain added something to the experience that we would have missed out on otherwise.  The smell of wet leaves and earth.  The sound of the drops hitting the canopy of leaves overhead and the rushing water in the streams below.  It. Was. Awesome.  (Did I say that already?)

A big thanks to Rhiannon, not just for taking me on this glorious adventure, but for suggesting rubber rain boots to me before we left.  Being about to just walk through the streams was one of the best parts!!!

And since we are both Instagram addicts, it was only appropriate that our adventure was documented thusly.    So, while some of you may have already HAD your Instagram feeds super-saturated with my nature spam, those of you who don't do the IG (read: my parents), here's some eye candy for you:

So much beauty! Right here in Cleveland. I'm so lucky!!!
Xxo, Phoebe


Cindy said…
Awesome pics! Oh, how I miss a "proper" fall with more than just YELLOW aspen leaves.
Mum said…
Wow ... those fall photos make me miss Cleveland, and YOU! By the way, missy, you grew up hiking in those same Metroparks. You were just too young to remember! I'm so glad you have re-discovered them! They are awesome to bike in as well. (Well, not in winter, maybe.)

Love, Mum
jim nelson said…
Great post. Love the pics. Also, looks like Rhiannon would be a suitable step mother for you. Haha. Love love...tat dad
Unknown said…
<3 One of the best days ever, and I'm so glad I got to share it with you. We need to do this more.

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