As I type this, I am 10 hits away from my goal of getting 30,000 hits in this one year.  Small potatoes to the average "famous" blogger, but for me - it's awesome.  And it will CLEARLY happen today - a few days short of the goal date.

And you know what else happened today?  My wonderful Oncology Nurse called me to let me know that my biopsy was benign and my PAP smear was negative for cancer once again!


This will make Friday's celebration even more wonderful.  I am so happy.  So relieved.  So LUCKY!

Now I can get back to worrying about all of my friends who have been impacted by this storm!  (We lost power, but Ryan had the generator up and running our whole house and the neighbor's fridge within a few hours.  No flooding for us - but I know many people who were affected by this.)

Thank you all for sticking with me.  Best news ever today!!!!!

Love love love, Phoebe


Mum said…
It's not all just LUCK. You are a powerful lady, a beautiful soul, and you caused that cancer to be stopped, you caused over 30,000 hits on your amazing blog, and you caused the circle of friends and support that you have in your life!

Congratulations, Phoebe!


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