Two Awesome Meetings in Three Days

I wish I had written this post earlier. Like... the minute I got home last Thursday night from my girl-date with my new and amazing friend, Michelle.

The best I can do between chemo-brain, menopause fog, and an incredible and busy week in-between is to sum up the best I can...

As I mentioned last week, I met Michelle on Facebook.  I liked her immediately, despite not actually knowing each other at all.  After a few days of messages and texts, I met her at the Reddstone last Thursday and she was so flippin' cute I just wanted to squeeze her!  We took over an hour to order food because we were immediately yapping away.

We talked about kids.  Pets.  Husbands.  Ex-husbands.  Small towns.  Jobs.  The past.  The future.  The present.  Dreams.  Ideas.  Pretty much the kind of stuff you would talk about with a friend.  Except that we also talked about cancer.  And the ways it has affected us.  And it was so reassuring to finally know someone... someone SO like me... who has been through this.  And her stories of relapse and continued fears did not terrify me like they did when Negative McJesusFreak girl shared hers.

Here was a girl who has been through SO MUCH, and is still (much like I try to be) incredibly positive.  Full of wonderful comments and overflowing with hope and love.  She is just lovely.  I feel so lucky to have found her!!!

So yeah.  That was Awesome Meeting #1.  And if you've been following me at all, you just might know that Awesome Meeting #2 happened on Saturday.  When, thanks to my amazing friend Dott for hiring me to work an event at Spaces Gallery, I finally got to meet one of my heroes - the friggin KING of positivity and joy and PARTYING himself... Andrew W.K.!!!!!!!!

The mugshot signs were a bit of an inside joke...

Andrew's adorable wife took these for me with my camera.
I really couldn't be happier to have met this guy.  He's taken away so many of my bad days.  I thanked him for what he does and told him that before, during and since my cancer, he makes me smile.  He's a great guy.   And I am a grateful girl!!!

Meeting one's heroes should be on everyone's life list, I think.  Next up? Paul Westerberg...

Xxo, Phoebe


jim nelson said…
You deserve the rewards, sweetheart. is meant to be enjoyed, not endured! Love you...tat dad
erin said…
yay! i'm glad you got to take some photos because you'll always remember how AWESOME it feels right now.
does ryan have any hookups that could help me take my own photos in january? i'm only half kidding.
p.s. you still need to come over soon!

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