And Another Thing...

Might as well make it a triple-post day.

This one is just shameless self-promotion, really.  And pointless, to boot.  But here's the thing.  In just a couple of weeks, this blog will be a year old.  I've already gone over 200 posts, so I decided that the landmark I want to try to hit by my "Cancerversary" is 30,000 hits on this blog.  At the moment that I am typing this. we're at 29,143.  So really, that's only 857 views away.  So, what I'm asking is - would you be willing to share the link to my blog?  Send some new lookers my way to help me hit my utterly meaningless goal of 30,000 hits by my one year Cancerversary / Blog Birthday.  (And no, Dad... I don't mean just sit there and hit "refresh" 800 times.)  I'd just love to be able to share this whole experience with more people.

You never know who you might really touch... and not just with the whole secret to happiness stuff, but the peeling burnt ass-crack stuff from treatment days as well.

Just asking.  Feel free to ignore me.  It's just a silly little goal.


Mum said…
HINT: More posts = More hits! 495 to go.

Cindy said…
29, 937 hits! Now can we just hit refresh a few times each? Love ya!

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