Pardon the silence

Sorry for the lack of updates since radiation finished. The pain, discomfort and fatigue make doing ANYTHING a far more monumental task than it should be. Including just sitting up.
I promise to back more normally once I have even a little more energy.
Love love, Phoebe


rest easy. you deserve some rest time!
Gale said…
What ROCKO said.

Just give yourself the time you need. You already know how to read the signals, and you're certainly not on anyone's schedule but your body's.

We ALL love you and your family.
Jim Dustin said…
Phoebe - Like ROCKO and Gale said...

You've heard of marathon runners right?? Haha. Kick back with some cocoa and a book. No hurries or worries, just heal time. All the best.
r'n'r-RN said…
everyone who knows and loves you will understand if you just need some time to recover. it's expected. you've been more than awesome in keeping us updated.
we ain't going nowhere. sending healthy vibes your way!
Michael said…
Never apologize for doing the best you can..... and we all know that you are doing exactly that.
Hugs from the West,
Gale said…
Yeah...what all of the above have said. We're here.

We're not expecting anything, Phoebe. We're simply checking in, so you know we're still here!


P.S. TY for the FB msg! <3
Gale said…
Hi, Phoebe. Nothing new from Florida, except to say you are still in all our thoughts, prayers, and messages/requests to the universe to send you hope, energy and perseverance, as well as the continuation of your amazing ferocity.

No response needed...we're just going to bug you every day so you know we are here!

Anonymous said…
you sure have some smart and understanding friends... you just kick back and let the healing happen. you're gonna be fine. you are loved even more than you know, and that is a lot!

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