Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment - Day Thirteen

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Treatment Day: 13

The nurse told me my outfit was "so cute" today when I walked in.  I felt good and then she adds, "I guess I just like seeing actual clothes" and motions to her scrubs.  Compliment deflated.

There was no one else in the room today.  I haven't seen Bladder Guy all week - I wonder if he's finished.  He wasn't there my first week either, though, so I don't know.  Spanish Guy was also notably absent today.  He's a diabetic.  I wonder if his sugar was too low or something.  I've started to worry about him on the days he is not there.

While waiting for the doctor to arrive, I chatted with the regular nurse for a while.  She asked me if I can tell that the treatments are working.  I tried to explain that I couldn't really tell because I was in such an odd place when it began.  My pain was less constant already, after the last surgical procedure, and I really can't say that I kept detailed track of how often or intense I DID still have pain after it, so again - it's difficult to compare.  I do feel like things are going on in there - like my body is very "busy" in the pelvic region as I lay there, so I suppose that is a good thing.  The nurse said to stay positive, and I am.  Like I've said before, from the very beginning of this diagnosis and learning about the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, I believed in my heart that it was my answer - my solution.  So, now that it IS indeed happening, I continue to be noting but filled with hope that the pain will grow less frequent and less intense until I eventually just feel "normal" again.

During today's treatment, I attempted to send healing thoughts to my pelvic areas.  A novice at meditation, it's not exactly easy to get into that Zen place with HGTV blaring in above my head, but I at least tried to focus on my breath a bit and laid still with one hand over my heart and one over my bladder.  While I was getting the radiation treatments that landed me here, I used to close my eyes and envision water, like the waves hitting the shores of Lake Erie, crashing into my body and washing the cancer away.  I always forget to try to use this technique while I'm in my HBOT.  Maybe tomorrow I'll remember, now that I wrote it down.

HGTV today was a marathon of "Income Property".  It made me want to be a landlord.

Number of times I had to pee on Wednesday: 8

Be back tomorrow.
Xxo, Phoebe


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