Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment - Day Nine

**This post was transferred from the now defunct "The Long Ease" blog.**

Treatment Day:  9

Arrival Time at Lutheran Hospital Wound Healing Center:  7:50am

Appointment Time:  8:00am 

Treatment actually started: About 8:05am 

Notable things about self today:  Bladder pain continues to be less than awesome.  Cold still holding on as well.  Temp before the "dive" was 98.9.  Nurse said "Don't get sick!"  Dude... I've BEEN sick this whole time.  Where have you been?

Miscellaneous:  Today I got a normal gown... but enormous pants.

Treatment length:  2.5 hours

Physical things noted during treatment:  Pain in bladder more noticeable.  Hoping this is part of healing and not new issues developing.  

Things happening on HGTV today:  Marathon of "Rescue my Renovation".  Which is basically a low-rent knock-off of the show "Holmes on Homes" which we used to watch when we had TV (because Ryan had a weird man-crush on Holmes).  A contractor comes in and fixes messes crappy contractors have left behind.  Whenever I watch this type of show, I always wonder if the people have to pay the TV contractor, too, or how that works.  They never tell you.  I can't really remember the episodes I watched.  It was uninteresting and all blended together and I was tired and actually half snoozed a little. 

Things I thought about other than TV:  All of the stuff I need to get done before my friend Dawn arrives tomorrow evening.  Which I basically need to get done TONIGHT.  Laundry.  Guest bedding.  Kitchen, dining room & bathroom tidied up.

Most difficult moment:  I had to pee pretty bad by the end.

Time Left Lutheran Hospital: 10:42am

Arrival Time at Work:  11:00am. 

Noteworthy After-Effects:  Again, just the bladder pain.  It's not localized to just the one side anymore - it's kind of all over.

Treatments Left:  31

Number of times I had to pee between end of treatment yesterday and leaving for the treatment this morning:  7

Xxo, Phoebe Marie


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